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What Your Fossils Can Tell You - by Robert Sinibaldi, Ph.D

What Your Fossils Can Tell You

This pictorial guide will assist amateurs and professionals alike in better understanding what the various complex bumps, grooves, and markings are telling them about their fossils. The book contains chapters on bone morphology, tooth morphology, natural alterations to fossils (taphonomy), bone pathology, tooth pathology, and cultural modifications to bones, teeth, and antlers (what Native Americans did to utilize these prehistoric resources). Over 900 pictures lead the reader toward a more complete understanding of what these long-since-expired creatures are trying to tell them.

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Fossil Diving

Fossil Diving in Florida’s Waters provides those wishing to explore underwater for evidence of prehistoric life with the knowledge they will need to be successful in that pursuit. Chapters on when, where, and how to find fossils in rivers, creeks, and sea bottoms are followed by chapters on how to clean and preserve your finds, along with record keeping and how to identify what you have. Laws and ethics are discussed (but must be looked up on a local level to see what is legal in your area).

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